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14 years of age & over ONLY. This is a national level year-round training group. Focus is on specialty work, dryland training, and development for Regional / National level USA-S meets. Participants must achieve at least two USA-S 15 & Over AAA times and be over 13 years of age during the current season to be considered for membership into this group. Swimmers are required to attend at least eight of the workouts offered per week and must sign a contract with the Head Coach that outlines commitment levels and goals for each season.

Time goals include Zones / Sectionals / and National-level meet qualifying times, as well as aspirations of swimming at the college and/or professional level. Water time is between 1.5 to 2.5 hours at main workouts. Morning workouts (during the school year) are around one hour long. Meet schedule planning is done with the ICE head coach on a seasonal basis. Swimmers in the this group should aim to fully attend and participate in the highest level meets for which they qualify each year.

Summer Training Options for College Swimmers 
download the Moray/Senior equipment list

Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 8 practices per week.
(each day of a meet counts as 1/2 workout)

All Waves, Morays and Senior swimmers who regularly participate in any other sport or athletic endeavor (including weight training, or Jr. and Sr. High sports) must set up a meeting with in order to work out a practice schedule that will keep you healthy and avoid overuse of certain muscles or joints. 

MPAC = Mercer Park, 
CREC = Coralville Rec., CP = City Park Pool
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Senior group members should contact Coach Don about their recommended meets (including Grand Prix events, Nationals, and Sectionals) for the  season. The schedule below is for reference only.

ICE  Fall & Winter Team Meet Schedule-Revised

Entry deadlines vary by meet and are subject to change; please follow the links under information and/or consult the events calendar to avoid missing them. 
Additional information regarding ICE hosted meets 

Senior Meet Schedule 2017-2018
Oct 7-7, 2017 LMST Lions Fall Invitational
Documents, Registration & Information
Returning Frost; All other Groups; 1 day pre-season meet
Register by September 10, 2017
Linn-Mar Aquatic Center
Marion IA
Oct 14-15, 2017 DMET Fall Frolic
Documents, Registration & Information
Open, Timed Finals. Returning Frost only. All other groups.
Signup to participate by 9/10/17
Davenport Central HS
Davenport, IA
Nov 10-12, 2017 iFly Speedo Midwest Senior Challenge
Documents, Registration & Information
Qualifiers Only, Prelim/Finals
register by 10/1/17
University of Iowa CRWC
Iowa City
Nov 18-19, 2017 DMSF Fall Invite
Documents, Registration & Information
Open, Timed Finals
Register by 10/15/2017
West Des Moines Valley High School
West Des Moines, IA
Dec 1-3, 2017 ICE Irving B. Weber
Documents, Registration & Information
HOME MEET. All swimmers should plan to attend at least one day. All families should plan to volunteer during the weekend.
Register by 11/1/17
Mercer Park
Iowa City, IA
Dec 8-10, 2017 LMST Classic
Documents, Registration & Information
Open, Timed Finals
Register by 11/5/17
Linn-Mar Aquatic Center
Marion IA
Jan 6-7, 2018 CRAA Winter Invite
Documents, Registration & Information
Open, Timed Finals
Register by 12/1/17
Coe College
Cedar Rapids
Jan 26-28, 2018 BLAST Winter Invite
Documents, Registration & Information
Open, Prelims / Finals on Saturday for 11&O, all other events are timed finals;
Register by 12/20/17
UNI or Holmes Jr High
Cedar Falls
Feb 2-4, 2017 Schroeder YMCA Swim Team Schroeder A+ Meet
Documents, Registration & Information
Moray & Senior Qualifiers only. Team Travel Meet.
Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center
Brown Deer, WI
Feb 22-25, 2018 ICE ISI Short Course Championships
Documents, Registration & Information
Required Meet for all Qualifiers. ICE Home Meet - all families should plan on volunteering during the Championships.
Register by 2/9/18
University of Iowa CRWC
Iowa City, IA
Mar 1-4, 2018 ACAC ISI Age Group Short Course Championships (14&U)
Documents, Registration & Information
Championship End of Season Meet for all 14&U swimmers with ISI 'Q' Times. All Qualifiers are required to attend.
Register by Feb 14, 2018
Wellmark YMCA
Des Moines
Mar 8-11, 2018 WI Spring Sectionals - CZ Section 1
Documents, Registration & Information
Qualifiers Only; Team trip for Moray/Senior swimmers
RecPlex Aqua Arena
Pleasant Prairie, WI

Each swimmer should expect to swim in the Championship meet(s) for which they qualify: Regionals, State, or Zones

Monthly Fee: $127

There are also the following annual fees:

USA - Swimming registration: $72/year/swimmer
ICE Equipment fee: $150/year/family paid at registration. 

Meet Entry Fees

Swimmers must pay entry fees to participate in each meet. The fees are paid to ICE, who enters the swimmers and sends the fees to the host club. You will be invoiced for each meet your swimmer enters. Please remember that once ICE has submitted entries to the host team, you are responsible for the entry fees even if your swimmer is unable to compete. Each meet will designate a commitment date. No refunds will be given for withdrawals after that date as the team will have submitted our entries and become obligated for that total amount. Refunds from meet hosts are rare and only given by the meet host if there are significant extenuating circumstances.

Meet fees are assessed on a per-meet basis and are in the neighborhood of $40 per meet. Outreach swimmers can participate in Iowa meets for a flat rate of $5.00 per meet.

About the Fees

Practice Fees: Pay for coaches’ salaries and general operating expenses.

Equipment Fees: Chlorine and water are especially hard on necessary swim equipment. This fee supports the upkeep of timing equipment, computers, lane lines and any other equipment necessary to maintain the sport. Equipment fees also defray pool rental costs.

USA-S registration fees: ICE is registered through USA Swimming, our national governing body. For insurance reasons, swimmers cannot practice beyond the trial period until this fee is paid. All ICE swimmers are registered with USA Swimming and receive benefits independent of ICE for that membership. This is an annual fee.


Financial Responsibilities Document 

We rely on fundraising to help keep our costs down and our sport affordable for all. For this reason, we ask families each season to fundraise $125 for families with a single athlete, and $175 for families with 2+ swimmers. In an effort to make this easy, ICE provides many fundraising opportunities over the course of the year. There are also families who prefer to make a donation rather than engage in fundraising.

Withdrawal from ICE: Like any other enterprise, the Iowa City Eels have bills to pay. Pool rental, payroll, and equipment are expenses that must be covered if we are to continue to operate as a successful swim club. When your athlete joins the team we make plans based upon attendance for the entire season. We realize however that circumstances may arise which require a swimmer to leave the team either temporarily or permanently. We simply ask that you fill out this form and return it to the ICE office at Mercer at least two weeks before leaving the club. You will be responsible for all swim fees for 2 weeks following the date this form is received.