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Like the majority of the member clubs of USA-Swimming, ICE follows the model of a parent-run volunteer club. With no administrative staff, the day-to-day business of running the club is done by a volunteer board of directors with the active help of the members of six standing committees. Thousands of hours of volunteer time are needed to put on our swim meets and to keep the club running smoothly.

Volunteering within ICE is not only a rewarding experience; volunteering ensures that we are able to continue to provide a quality competitive swim program for area youth at prices that are reasonable and affordable. Each family should fulfill their meet volunteering expectations and participate as members of one of the important club committees.

With the help of each family, the work is shared and we all become part of creating a positive athletic experience for our children. Whatever your interests, skills, or availability, opportunities exist to get involved. Volunteerism is both an essential and fun part of club membership! We truly value and appreciate everything families do for ICE. Thank you

Iowa City Eels Swim Club hosts 4-5 swim meets each year:

  • 2-3 during short course season (fall/winter)
  • 2-3 during long course season (spring/summer). 

These meets are essential for our swimmers and club.

  • Home meets give our swimmers a great chance to compete in their pool.
  • Meets raise a significant amount of revenue for the club each year.
  • Without meet revenue, membership fees would quickly become out-of-reach.

Thousands of hours of volunteer time are needed to put on our swim meets. The support of the fantastic parents, family, and friends of ICE swimmers, as well as the swimmers themselves, is critical!

Volunteer Meet Shift Requirements
Roster Group Volunteer Points per Season
Roster family is determined by a family’s highest (non-college) level swimmer
1 session = 10 volunteer points = approximately 4 hours
First Season Swimmers 30
Frost 50
Cubes 50
Wave 50
Morays/Seniors 50
Summer College Swimmers 20

As is common with swim clubs throughout Iowa, ICE has an established financial penalty for missed work sessions. $50 per 10 points not completed will be billed at the end of the season.

After logging in to MyICE, ICE members can sign up for meet sessions through the Event Calendar, where job descriptions are readily available. Meet Volunteer Hours can be tracked by following the "$My Invoices/Payments" link under "My Account" in the left hand column. Click the "Service Hours" tab to view your current obligations.

Please communicate with the volunteers at iceels dot orgvolunteer coordinator about special family circumstances, questions, or other concerns.

If you anticipate that working sessions during the meet will be difficult or impossible due to work or family obligations, please contact the volunteer coordinator early in the season to make other arrangements to meet your obligations.

Additional details can be found here.

Much of the Club’s business is planned, organized, and conducted through the work of six standing committees:

Fundraising: responsible for developing, planning, organizing and conducting all Club fundraising activities.

Communications: facilitates the flow of information among the Board of Directors, the Head Coach and the membership. It is also responsible for publicity and community outreach.

Technical Planning: responsible for the maintenance, set-up, training and operation of the computer and electronic equipment used to run swim meets.

Merchandise: responsible for the design and sale of club merchandise. Parents with an interest in either sales or design are invited to join.

Social: responsible for planning parties and membership events throughout the year to promote team spirit, provide fun activities, and allow parents and swimmers to get better acquainted.

Meets: organizes and directs all aspects of the swim meets hosted by the Club each year.

Visit the committees page for more information about joining a committee.

The Club's business is managed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for developing, directing, administering, and promoting a financially sound, competitive age-group swimming program. Regular Board meetings are held once each month, and at such other times as deemed necessary. Club members are encouraged to attend board meetings and provide input and feedback.

Board of Directors & Coaches

President: Missy Ortman
Vice President: Robin Kopelman
Secretary: Megan Brown
Treasurer: Jeff Kueter
Athlete Rep: Meirav Flatté

Jen Rumping
Erick Zawojewski
David Roman
Laura Shikunas
Past President: Jennifer Flatté

Head Coach: Don Spellman
Head Asst. Coach: James Davis

USA - Swimming officiating is all volunteer whether done at your local pool or on the deck during an Olympic race. If you like being right on the deck, watching races, can commit to the idea of neutrality and fairness, are willing to learn from mistakes and like to work with people, you will probably find officiating fun.

Officiating is one of the few volunteer jobs that requires ongoing training as well as a formal commitment to a code of ethics. The first step is attending a 4 hour training clinic. After the clinic, visit the USA-Swimming site to take the open book online test. Finally, apprentice 4 sessions within one year of the clinic where you will shadow stroke & turn judges, ask questions about the rules and get comfortable on deck.

Contact the officials coordinator for more information: