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Getting Started

Wondering how to get started with club swimming? Try one of these options:

  1. Attend a Clinic: Stroke Clinic is offered twice a year, once in the fall (usually at the end of August) and once in the spring (right after spring break).  Aimed at swimmers who have passed Red Cross Level 4 or 5 (or equivalent) Stroke Clinic gives young athletes a chance to find out what club swimming is all about. Enroll now, or contact us for more information. Get more information before you decide or contact a coach to set up a trial week right arrow
  2. Try a Week Swimmers are invited to practice with us for a week. This is a great option for those with some prior swim team experience. Our coaches will recommend a practice group and you may attend as many or as few practices as you wish during a week long trial period.
  3. Register Now Ready to join? Click the Club Registration button on the far right to get started.

Senior State Tessa Takes A Nap February 2012

Stroke Clinic

Stroke Clinic Registration Info

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ICE Practice Groups

Our beginning developmental group, swimmers should know how to swim freestyle with alternate breathing for 50 yards and be able swim backstroke for over 25 yards. 
Frost Practice Group Page

Swimmers practice 3x/week. We offer six practices per week and we swim in two locations. Choose whichever ones are most convenient.
Time in the water is approx 45 minutes.

Cubes is our second developmental group and our beginning competitive group. The focus is on further stroke development and IM (individual medley) training.
Cubes Practice Group Page

Swimmers practice 3-5x/week. We offer six practices per week and we swim in two locations. Choose whichever ones are most convenient.
Time in the water is approx. 1 hour

This group is geared towards those swimmers aged 12 and under who wish to commit to more rigorous training and develop faster swimming.
Waves Practice Group Page

Swimmers practice 4-6x/week.
Time in the water is around 1.5 hours.

For swimmers aged 12 and over who are ready to make a serious committment to swimming, this group is designed with an emphasis on racing, seasonal training methodology, and mental training.
Morays Practice Group Page

Swimmers practice 4-6x/week.
Time in the water is between 1.5-2.5 hours

This is a national level year-round training group. Focus is on specialty work, dryland training, and development for Regional / National level USA-S meets. 
Senior Practice Group Page

Swimmers practice a minimum of 8x/week.

There are also the following annual fees:

USA - Swimming registration: $72/year/swimmer
ICE Equipment fee: $150/year/family paid at registration. 

Meet Entry Fees

Swimmers must pay entry fees to participate in each meet. The fees are paid to ICE, who enters the swimmers and sends the fees to the host club. You will be invoiced for each meet your swimmer enters. Please remember that once ICE has submitted entries to the host team, you are responsible for the entry fees even if your swimmer is unable to compete. Each meet will designate a commitment date. No refunds will be given for withdrawals after that date as the team will have submitted our entries and become obligated for that total amount. Refunds from meet hosts are rare and only given by the meet host if there are significant extenuating circumstances.

Meet fees are assessed on a per-meet basis and are in the neighborhood of $40 per meet. Outreach swimmers can participate in Iowa meets for a flat rate of $5.00 per meet.

About the Fees

Practice Fees: Pay for coaches’ salaries and general operating expenses.

Equipment Fees: Chlorine and water are especially hard on necessary swim equipment. This fee supports the upkeep of timing equipment, computers, lane lines and any other equipment necessary to maintain the sport. Equipment fees also defray pool rental costs.

USA-S registration fees: ICE is registered through USA Swimming, our national governing body. For insurance reasons, swimmers cannot practice beyond the trial period until this fee is paid. All ICE swimmers are registered with USA Swimming and receive benefits independent of ICE for that membership. This is an annual fee.


Financial Responsibilities Document 

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Integrity / Commitment / Excellence

Board of Directors & Coaches

President: Missy Ortman
Vice President: Robin Kopelman
Secretary: Megan Brown
Treasurer: Jeff Kueter
Athlete Rep: Meirav Flatté

Jen Rumping
Erick Zawojewski
David Roman
Laura Shikunas
Past President: Jennifer Flatté

Head Coach: Don Spellman
Head Asst. Coach: James Davis

Mercer Park Aquatic Center / P.O. Box 2353 / Iowa City, IA 52244 / (319) 351-3336