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New ISI championship qualifying times for Aiden Peterson & Adriana McCall (200 BK), Johanna Kopelman (50BK & 50BR), Madeline Marquardt (100FR), and Elliot Hinkhouse (50BK), Mason Conzemius (50 BK), Julia Xian (200 BR) at ISI Regional Finals

The Iowa City Eels Swim Club is a competitive swimming program committed to helping each swimmer reach their potential as an athlete, a team member, and a model of good sportsmanship.


Mercer Invite June 8 20132016 All Stars Boyd John Andy Ryan Quinn Meirav Averi Brennan January 8 2016Isi Lc Championships July 25 2015Long Course State 2013 July 28 2013Coach Adam And His Swimmers  Isi Short Course Senior State Yang Meirav And Brennan February 26 2015Armbruster Meirav May 7 2016Armbruster Invite May 7 2016Armbruster Invite Shaylin May 8 2016Blast Holiday Classic December 2009Our Ice Swimmers  Isi Lc Championships July 26 2015Leo December 2007Ryan Andy Quinn Averi Meirav Amber At The Armbruster Invite May 7 2016Armbruster Invitational May 8 2016Ice  At The Armbruster Invite May 8 2016Acac Rock The Blocks Swim Meet Quinn 6 2011Car Wash May 2009Isi Lc Championships July 26 2015Ice Masters (plus A Morays Stowaway And A Hitchhiker From The Coe College Staff) Swimming At City Park Pool! August  2015

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Mercer Park Aquatic Center / P.O. Box 2353 / Iowa City, IA 52244 / (319) 351-3336

The Iowa City Eels Swim Club is an Iowa nonprofit corporation and is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and to foster national and international amateur sports competition under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.